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CONTRA supports the activities of A.I.L. NAPLES SEZ. BRUNO ROTOLI

The section was founded on June 14, 2007 with 16 founding members. Currently the members are 27 and is based in Naples in Viale Augusto (Fuorigrotta district).

It is currently governed by a council of administrations of 7 directors of which Mrs. VALERIA ROTOLI is President (the promoter of the initiative was the great Prof. BRUNO ROTOLI, head of hematology of the new polyclinic of Naples and university professor.) And he has two employees.

Funds are collected annually with Easter eggs, Christmas stars, membership fees paid by 27 members, theatrical events and concerts, bracelets and favors, 5 per thousand, donations by pharmaceutical companies, private donations, etc .

The funds raised are used for project contracts of doctors who assist with the major Campanian hematology, to fund research grants, to help the sick at home with our specialist nurses, direct help of poor patients (which is reflected in the payment of utilities, rents, clothing, food, etc.), psychological help for the sick, financing diseased sick trips for care over the region, etc.

From 2007 to today, many activities have been carried out.

Home care for patients in need and / or unable to move for treatment
Economic support for indigent patients
Psychological support for patients and / or family members who request it
Reception points in the DH of Cardarelli and the Policlinico
Medical / nursing support for Cardarelli, Policlinico, S. Gennaro and Pausilipon Hospitals
Scholarships for scientific research projects
How do we do it:

Fundraising with poinsettias and Easter eggs
Theatrical performances with fundraising for the Association (Zingaretti, Angelica Sepe, Marco Zurzolo, Enzo Gragnaniello, etc.)
Sporting events (Marathons, Swimming tournaments, Tennis tournaments, Judo tournaments, etc.) with fundraising for the association
Burraco tournaments with fundraising for the association
Charity markets (objects and various furnishings donated and resold to finance AIL projects
Calendars AIL – Cruciani Bracelets – Favors and Parchments in solidarity
For information contact the Treasurer of the Enzo Botto Association – [email protected]