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We believe that those of us who pursue profit should also contribute to improving the lives of the communities to which they belong, which implies greater responsibility towards society.

Responsibility that declines as a culture of legality, actions to improve community quality, transfer of skills, volunteering and membership and / or support to the commitment to associations and non-profit organizations, reduction of waste and land protection, active citizenship behaviors, greater transparency.

We believe it is important not only to contribute to Italy's GDP increase but also to improve intangible assets. Today the growing economy is the one that chooses to put the person at the center of the production process. We must focus on heads and thought. In this sense CONTRA promotes people and ideas that act in an innovative, responsible and ethical way.

It is also a matter of trust, as the Nobel Prize winner Angus Deaton indicated when, among other things, he showed why consumption - especially those of poorer families - do not start if people are afraid of the future. But the beauty of trust is also its extraordinary capacity for contagion.

"Giving back is one of the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do."
 Here are some of our social activities:

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